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Monday, 3 November 2014

Not Lenovo, Xiaomi Now World's Third Largest Smartphone Maker

The Chinese Smartphone maker, Xiaomi is on the Top Five list of best selling phones in the market pushing Lenovo to the 4th position. Samsung still manages to be on top with declining sales every year.

With lots of new Chinese smartphone players in the market, the global phone shipments have gone above 300 million handsets for the second consecutive quarter year with lots of new phone launches and growth in the smartphone markets. So let’s take a look at the top manufacturers with their positions as per the reports by the

# Samsung

Standing on the no.1 position in the market, the Korean company Samsung has a total shipment value of 78.1 million and it claims a market share of 23 percent. Though it remains to be the world’s leader on the Smartphone sales, the company has received a huge blow on the sales from quite some time now. According to the International Data Corporation, “Samsung has long relied on its high-end devices, its mid-range and low-end models drove volume for the quarter”.

# Apple

The iPhone maker, Apple manages to come on the 2nd position with its overall shipment volumes at 39.3 million units and holding a market share of 12 percent. The launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 plus got the company its highest third quarter revenue returns where Apple managed to sell up to 10 million smartphones in the starting week of its launch. According to the IDC, the demand for the previous generation iPhones has contributed well for its revenue in the third quarter.

# Xiaomi

The Chinese company Xiaomi created ripples in the smartphone market with its hardware and its stunning quality on the phones. The phone Mi3 in India had created so much demand that it almost crashed the e-commerce site, Flipkart. The company’s focus on the markets like china and India, has led it to succeed over the times.

 “Xiaomi, Lenovo, and LG Electronics posted market-beating growth and with markedly different strategies," said Ramon Llamas, research manager, IDC.

# Lenovo

Another Chinese company which has managed to stay on the list in  the fourth position is the Lenovo. With the total shipments volume of 16.9 million in the third quarter and the market share of 5.2 percent, the sales have swiftly improved with a hike of 20 percent in the third quarter. Phone models like the A369i and A316 which are priced right have driven the sales from the emerging markets like AsiaPacific and the Middle East and Africa.

# LG

With the total shipments being 16.8 million and a market share of 5.1 percent, LG has good results with its low-cost smartphones pushing the total volumes past the 15 million units level for the first time in the company's history. LG’s F and L series smartphones have managed to receive good response from both emerging and developed markets with its flagship G3 making a good presence in the high end phone market.

# Other manufacturers

Its not just these top 5 companies which claim the market share, there are other phone manufacturers like the Oppo, Sony and many more. The total shipments volumes of the other manufacturers amount up to 159.2 million claiming the market share of 48.6 percent.
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