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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Check Out These 4 New Features For Gmail On Android

With the new Android Lollipop rolling out, the new changes on the Google apps and menus are expected. So, here are some of the changes on the gmail which is expected to make it easier for the user as compiled by the cNET.

# A Completely New Design

On the new Gmail, probably the first thing to cross your eyes would be the red stripe across the top. It comes with a slide-out menu on the left of the app which allows you to switch accounts by viewing the Gmail's categories that include Primary, Social, Promotions and Updates. The slide-out menu category now has an icon on it which makes it much easier to spot and browse through.

The new Gmail feels neater and looks like it’s been inspired by the new Android 5.0 Lollipop. More of the white space and the slimmer look, a small tweak to circular icons for the contacts gives a feeling of space with the new version being much roomier.

# Interacting with your inbox

Google has made very minor changes on the Gmail and will be easier to use.

As far as the changes on the inside are concerned, the compose button is placed now  in the lower right of the screen to enable the user to start writing emails immediately,  the reply buttons are now placed at the bottom of every email allowing users to finish reading the message click and reply instantaneously.

Another change is that the most common actions have been moved out of hidden app menus and into the Gmail app interface. On the inbox, there's a button at the top-right for quickly moving emails to a different folder and with the compose view the new attachment button is on the upper right.

# New options for swiping

On the old Gmail app it only gave you the option to delete emails with a swipe, but hidden new feature in the settings allows you to select how you want to deal with the new messages.

On the general settings, you now have a listing for the Gmail default action where you can set it to either ‘Archive’ to   save the emails in your account or Delete the email entirely. Based on your selection, every time you swipe an email, it will default to that setting.

 # An overall better way to Gmail

The new Gmail app isn’t going to turn the heads around with its new features but instead, many smaller changes refine the interface, making the experience easier. The new access to the other non-Gmail accounts is the best, which cuts down the number of apps you will need to open your email.

However, considering the whole new experience, it looks different, there's lot more space and it doesn't feel as small as before. But with more buttons moved out of menus and into the interface, the similar day to day actions would be easier and efficient for the users.


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