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Monday, 21 April 2014

Top Five Apps That Rival Google's Camera

Google, the search engine has revamped its Google Camera with advanced features that works in a faster pace than earlier. People love it for its minimalistic UI,  shutter bar which replaced shutter button, and in addition to Panorama mode and Photosphere the app offers a new feature called Lens Focus, which lets you selectively choose which spot of the picture has to be in focus.

PicsArt: PicsArt is a photo-editing app that even acts as social media to share your images like VSCO app or Instagram. The editing options of this app are Camera, comprises Effect, Draw, photo and shop. Using the app, users can take pictures from their phone gallery as well as from social Medias such as Facebook, Picasa, Google+, Flickr, Drive and more. The filter mode in the Effects menu enables the users to add different types of blurring effects, modifications such as red-eye correction, and fixing blemishes on images. There is also a Draw feature that enables the users to add text to the image or doodle on the image itself. The app provides lots of options for editing your photographs artistically.


VSCO: VSCO facilitate the users to shoot pictures and then apply different editing option to it. Users can either select from filters and stock options or can download them from app store, which comes with new filters very often and many of them are free for downloading. Moreover, user can generate their own filter preset and put up for sale on the app store.  The app offers lots of photo filters and includes more upgraded editing and tweaking options as well. Its preset packs enable the users to easily process the images into a specific look with few taps, without having to fidget with settings before or after you take each photo. Users can upload their images to VSCO Grid, where they can make the pictures public, license or copyright them, list them as Creative Commons, or join in the group of other photographers.

Pixlr Express: The photo-editing app from Autodesk offers lots of editing options and its user friendly interface enables not only to take image from the gallery but also to click new images or make a collage of existing images. Users can alter the brightness, sharpness and contrast and also can carry out the function such as focus blurring, healing, and more. The effects menu includes a Text option that permits the users to add text on their photographs.

Camera FV-5: The camera app includes features such as color effects, frames, filters, and borders, but it includes more granular control to the equation. Users can manage certain picture elements and camera controls such as aperture, stops, exposure time, white balance, light metering, and so on. User can combine any of these settings or controls to the volume keys. This app even offer support for time-lapses and long exposures. The view finder in this app boasts a RGB histogram. The manufacturer has tried as much as possible to make this app a professional viewfinder.

Snapseed: Snapseed is a free photo filter app that can do more than just apply effects and filters to the photographs before you share them. Its auto correct feature really enhances your picture, corrects common errors, and makes them look sharp and clear. Snapseed enables the users to have a control over whatever the changes they make on picture. Selective Adjust enables the users to tweak certain portion of the image, while Tune Image enables to tweak the overall ambiance of the photograph. This app also allows some editing such as crops and resizes, rotations, and so on. Users can even apply photo filters, alter the landscape images to tilt-shift masterpieces, and modify the focus once the image is taken and so on.

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