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Monday, 28 April 2014

Top Android Games That Can Be Downloaded For Free

Smartphones not only combine great utility features but also include entertainment options to help you unwind. Android being the most widely used platform has a vast collection of games that can be downloaded absolutely for free. Including games from various categories like action, sports, board, card and car racing these games will certainly unleash the gamer in you. Read on to know more about the top android games that can be downloaded for free, as compiled by Android central.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

For those who want to pump up some adrenaline behind the wheels, EA games have an amazing offering-Asphalt 8: Airborne. The game can be downloaded for free on Android and has stunning visual and graphics effect. A player can pick from 47 super cars and throttle up in the racing tracks against the opponents. As the game progresses the player is rewarded with new game modes, vehicle unlocks and upgrades.

Candy Crush Saga

Never feel bored again as Candy Crush Saga can be the best time killer. The player is offered 400 levels to conquer and                 is coated with amazing graphics. The game is synchronized with Facebook so that you can play with your online friends. The game can be downloaded without paying a penny onto to Android phone.

Temple Run 2

You run through cliffs, forests and mines to get away from the hands of the chasing idol. As you jump, cling and slide down, the superb graphics gives you 
a real life feeling which adds to your amusement. The game boasts of over 170 million downloads till date and the new version of the game packs lot more amazing game options and features.

Fruit Ninja Free

As the name suggests the juicy game demands the players to slice and splash fruits to attain scores. The arcade game can be a perfect entertainer combining its amazing graphics and visuals. Fruit Ninja boasts of over 100 million downloads till date with a 4.5 rating in Google play store. The game offers three modes such as Classic, Arcade and Zen for the player to choose from.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is an insane game with over half a dozen versions for the player to pick from. The free game has two new versions-Bad Piggies, a puzzle 
game and Angry Birds GO, a kart racing game. The graphic inlay of the game makes it one among the top favorites. The Finnish game developers Rovio Entertainment, has hooked the gamers with this game.

Galaxy on Fire 2

And for those who want it a little complicated with space ships and foreign planets, Galaxy on Fire 2 will never disappoint you. The game has over 50 spaceships that are customizable and over a dozen galaxies to choose from. The player can go to other planets on a mission, setting ablaze space pirates and mining asteroids. Galaxy on Fire 2 can be downloaded on your Android phone at zero cost.

Plants vs Zombies 2

Developed by EA games, the game challenges the players to defend their garden from the attack of zombies. The plants grown in the garden will take on the mission counter attacking the zombies. The stunning visual effects are one of a kind of concept in the gaming market. Plants vs Zombies 2 can be played for free and supports almost all Android phones.

Dead Trigger 2

Pull the trigger as you advance through the strange land to slay the zombies to attack you. The free game has a cutting edge visual effect and will be liked the most to those who would like to take it to the trigger. The game offers 15 different environments with over 30 kinds of weapons and mission modes like story missions, global missions or side-quests to choose from.

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