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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Remote control, second screen feature for PS3 found in Netflix for Android app

Before some time we reported on an update to the Netflix for Android app to bring it up to the same feature level as the iOS version that had been released last week. The biggest changes involve the updated interface, including the ability to quickly access information about media while it is playing on a device.
You may have been wondering how you might access information while at the same time viewing media. Netflix made it easier for owners of Playstation 3 consoles as the Netflix app will give them the choice of playing the media via their PS3 if they have both devices on the same wifi network. If a user opts to display the media on their PS3, their Android device will continue to function as a remote control enabling them to fast forward, pause, and resume play. Users can also call up that extra content on their device while the media continues to play via their PS3 or they can surface to other content.

This ability to play media via a second screen while using a smartphone to access related content seems to be an effort to mimic functionality found in apps like Shazam or IntoNow. The goal of these apps is to minimize distractions and interruptions of the media while also giving users access to additional information or even interacting with other viewers. To see how Netflix is trying to implement this functionality on the PS3, check out the video below.

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